SMARTments student

With the non-profit FDS Foundation, we now operate 22 halls of residences with 3.879 apartments under the name SMARTments student throughout Germany, both in smaller cities such as Erlangen and Kaiserslautern and in major cities such as Hamburg and Berlin. The first houses of the brand in Austria are built In Vienna and Graz. SMARTments student offers students and trainees central locations of residences and modern apartments. In addition to furnishing and an individual kitchenette in each apartment, crockery and linen can also be provided. The students are looked after by the house manager on site in case of technical questions.


After years of student housing being financed privately, the first subsidised residences are now available again. This benefits the tenants since the rents can be kept relatively low. We have also further developed and optimised our product with regard to the equipment. The only thing that has not changed is the advantageous location. SMARTments student will continue to be built close to the university in each case and at locations with good public transport connections.


Your own four walls for little money

Easy living - "Move in and get cracking"

Mobility, a home away from home

"Better than a hotel"

Furnished small apartments

"Carefree Living"

Target groups

Students, trainees and language learners

Business travellers, new arrivals, private individuals; simply anyone who is or wants to be tied to a place for a longer period of time

Singles, couples, newcomers, commuters

Rental period

from 6 months

from 7 overnight stays

from 6 months


Standard apartment from 20 m²

1-room studios from 20–30 m²

1-room studios XL from 23–30 m²

2-room apartments from 35–70 m²

1-room apartments approx. 20 m²

1.5 rooms approx. 40 m²

2-room apartments approx. 65 m²


Fully furnished apartment

Kitchenette incl. ceramic hob, fridge, microwave oven

Fully furnished design apartment

Fully equipped kitchenette with ceramic hob, dishwasher, fridge and microwave oven


Towels and bed linen

Hairdryer and extra bed on request

Furnished apartments

Balkon, Loggia

Kitchen with ceramic hob and oven, dishwasher, fridge


House manager


Cleaning utensils

Common rooms with Kitchen and TV

Bicycle parking

Car parking spaces


Digital Concierge

Cleaning service


Shopping service

Car parking spaces

House manager

Digital Concierge


Bicycle parking

Car parking spaces


Proximity to university, connection to public transport, existing infrastructure

Centrally located in large cities, close to business and science locations, good connections to public transport, very good infrastructure

Urban locations in German towns and major cities, good public transport links, local infrastructure

You can download our current brochure below as a PDF file.

Example SMARTment student

Timeline SMARTments student

Hamburg SMARTments student

SMARTments student Hamburg - Hühnerposten

Frankfurt SMARTments student

SMARTments student Frankfurt - Athener Str.

Darmstadt SMARTments student

SMARTments student Darmstadt

Köln SMARTments student

SMARTments student Köln

Köln SMARTments student

SMARTments student Köln - Marktstraße

Essen SMARTments student

SMARTments student Essen - Natorpstraße

Graz SMARTments student

SMARTments student Graz Finkengasse