200 students moved into a new SMARTment student in Hamburg

Last Saturday, 01 October 2016, based 200 students their apartments near the S-Bahnhof Berliner Tor in Hamburg. The first traveled up in the morning with full boxes and backpacks and looked forward to their own home in Borgfelder Allee. You noticed how happy the residents and the parents were, if the apartments were handed over. Often heard mother say "We were afraid that the 18 square meters will not be enough, but here every square meter is exploited sense". Until late in the afternoon the residents arrived from different regions - from Stuttgart, Frankfurt but also from Brazil and China. Foreign students make up around 30% of the inhabitants of the seven SMARTments student.

From about 18 o'clock there was a small organized get-together in the courtyard. Here the parents adopted by the children and first introductory conversations between students and neighbors were out.

That all apartments were rented in the shortest possible time, is hardly surprising. The newly SMARTments student has two buildings, fully furnished apartments, a laundry room and communal spaces with feel-good effect. It is the second dormitory of SMARTments student brand in Hamburg. The Hanseatic city counts 2016 to the four cities where it is most difficult to find an apartment.

The colleagues of the Hamburger Morgenpost accompanied the day. The article can be read in their entirety here.