Lecture by Reiner Nittka at the Property Dialogue of the Economic Region of Düsseldorf

The prospering city of Düsseldorf with a growing number of residents and excellent job opportunities wants to be superbly ranked also in future. To promote the development opportunities and the attractiveness of the city, the “Heuer Dialogue” and the State Capital of Düsseldorf invite interested parties to the Property Dialogue of the Economic Region of Düsseldorf on 22 and 23 November 2016 in the City Hall Düsseldorf. Numerous companies from the property industry, investors and the city administration will take part in the discussion of the topic "land-use and capitalisation” in the Economic Region of of Düsseldorf".

On the second day, Reiner Nittka, CEO of GBI AG, will give a lecture under the title "The challenges of a sustainable development of urban quarters - How to manage successfully the right mix of properties and residents - also by integrating micro-housing and apartment projects".

In view of its large mixed-use project at Düsseldorf's main railway station, GBI AG decided to share in the Heuer Dialogue. Further information on the event can be found at