GBI celebrates topping-out ceremony in Ehningen: Affordable housing for the Stuttgart region in the final construction phase

Ehningen/Erlangen, June 22, 2023  

In Ehningen, the final phase for the construction of 41 subsidized apartments has begun with the topping-out ceremony at Hildrizhauser Straße 50. As the developer of the three houses being built in the process, the GBI Group celebrated together with representatives of the town, the property owner Catella Real Estate AG, the tradesmen and the Ludwigsburg-based architectural firm HMS, which designed the properties. The construction project in the greater Stuttgart area also includes 57 above-ground parking spaces. Ehningen's mayor, Lukas Rosengrün, emphasizes his anticipation of the project's completion, which is scheduled for the end of this year: "I welcome the new supply created in Ehningen. Housing is in short supply throughout the district. There are quite a lot of people who make an important contribution here, but who can no longer find affordable housing, either when they move or when they move in. In terms of society as a whole, it's important to counter the trend of ever-rising rents with projects like this."

The 41 apartments in Ehningen with two to four rooms are each between 47 and 95 square meters in size, creating a total of 3,086 square meters of living space. "Subsidized housing construction has been extremely rare in the region so far. But it is also becoming increasingly important in Ehningen and the surrounding area, because thanks to the subsidy from the state of Baden-Württemberg, tenants pay significantly less than is usual in the free market," explained Matthias Bauer, GBI project manager responsible for the construction project in Ehningen, during the topping-out ceremony. "So we are proud to also create an important additional affordable offer in Ehningen, especially for families and single people who otherwise have a very hard time on the free market." A 40-year commitment period applies to the social specifications - for example, the restriction to tenants with a certificate of eligibility for housing or rent increases that will also be legally limited in the future. 

"Tenants of the subsidized apartments do not have to make any structural compromises," GBI project manager Bauer emphasized. All units offer a high standard of living with fitted kitchens, floor-to-ceiling windows and high-quality technology. The building is also being constructed in an energy-efficient and ecologically sustainable manner according to the former KfW-40 standard, in a resource-saving timber frame construction with a very pleasant quality of living...

The owner of the apartments has also already been determined. Catella Real Estate AG acquired the 41 apartments last year for its special AIF "KCD-Catella Immobilien mit sozialer
Responsibility". "With our investments and together with the project developer GBI and our partners, we want to assume social responsibility," says Fabian Herrmann, Portfolio Manager of Catella Real Estate AG at the topping-out ceremony speech: "In addition to ecological and social criteria, we also examine architectural aspects for a comprehensive picture, for example on accessibility." In addition, Catella takes care to ensure that the properties are managed responsibly over the entire investment period and management phase.

Catella Real Estate AG has already invested in subsidized GBI apartments in Heiligenhaus in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Regensburg. In addition, there are 169 furnished apartments with an average living space of 25 square meters in Kunigundenstrasse in Nuremberg. In these cases, the purchase was made by the public AIF "KCD-Catella Nachhaltigkeit IMMOBILIEN Deutschland". Against this backdrop, Simon Behr, Managing Director of the GBI Group, emphasizes: "Our cooperation with Catella shows how diverse the possibilities are for developing real estate with a social component."